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Experienced Retaining Wall Builders in Fenton, MO & surrounding areas

Add beautiful retaining walls to your landscaping to improve the appearance of your property and make yard maintenance easier. Sandy Creek Landscaping has been serving Fenton, MO, and the surrounding communities for 16 years, building and repairing stone and brick retaining walls of all shapes and sizes. Our experienced designers will help you create a unique retaining wall design that complements the rest of your property and makes your home stand out. Whether you want a flower bed or a large hillside retaining wall to help control erosions, we’re here to help.


  • Decorative
  • Flower Beds & Gardens
  • Hillside – tie wall replacements


  • Keystone
  • Versa-Lok
  • Segmented Retaining Walls
  • Drystack Natural Stone (more decorative)

Keep Your Property in Top Shape

If your stone or brick retaining walls are cracked, damaged, and falling over, there’s no better team to call than Sandy Creek Landscaping. We’ll get to the root of the problem and present you with the best options for replacement.  We’ll restore your property to keep your landscaping looking great. We have access to a wide variety of different stone, brick, and concrete materials to match your existing installation, and we’ll provide you with a seamless repair that will hold for years to come. 

  • Hire the area’s top retaining wall builders when you want to improve the appearance and value of your property. Our team will design a retaining wall that complements the rest of your home and makes your everyday landscaping easier.
  • Repair broken or falling retaining walls to keep your property looking great. We’ll assess the property and present you with the best options for repair to ensure your retaining walls last and look great.
  • Get a free estimate on retaining wall building services by contacting our experienced team. We’ll help you create an installation customized to your property that will make your home stand out from the rest.
  • Make landscaping easier by building a stone or brick retaining wall to divide different areas of your yard. Retaining walls create clear definition between mulch beds and your lawn, making edging and maintaining everything easier. 

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